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You could finally launch your own consulting business that gives you the confidence to go after any targeted client & build a profitable 6 or 7 figure business, regardless of educational background or knowledge?

What if you could finally learn how to package the expertise you spent years building in your industry into profitable offerings & wake up every day making a difference with clients that truly value your expertise as a credible business consultant?

Here’s the secret…

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  • Exhausted working hard and traveling all over the world making other consulting firms a lot of money and want to learn the skills to start your own consulting firm?

  • Frustrated that you are not seeing results in the early stages of your consulting business?

  • Overwhelmed trying to figure out how to package your offerings?

  • Tired of taking another “pick your brain” call, giving away valuable business advice for free? that leads nowhere?

  • Confused about how to truly define your target clients or appropriately price your services?

  • Yearning to build a consulting business that is about making a difference in the world AND running a profitable business at the same time?Conflicted about what type of clients you should seek out and what services you should offer?

  • Hesitant to take the leap into consulting because you do not feel like you have a roadmap for success?

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Every hour, day, week, and month you don't make significant progress towards your goals is lost opportunity. Literally, money (sometimes a lot of it) sitting on the table, not to mention wasted time and effort.

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Dramatically increase your ability to close deals by laser focusing on your ideal clients (and being able to spot your ideal clients a mile away)

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Confidently package and sell your consulting services to B2B or B2C


Exponentially scale and grow your consulting practice by 2X-3X from day one using proven and tested methods


Gain clarity on how you build a repeatable yet customizable consulting methodology and framework that helps you run an efficient, profitable practice

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Learn how to expertly prioritize your time for maximum value and impact to your clients

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Easily hone in on what you enjoy doing and continue growing your experiences and skills based with meaningful success

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This is an online 4- and 6-week training and coaching programs designed to help ambitious women and diverse professionals become credible, profitable, purpose driven business consultant doing meaningful work with people you like. This is the same system I used to launch and run my own profitable purpose driven consulting business after spending over 15 years working at some of the world’s most elite consulting firms such as Deloitte Consulting, Ernst and Young, and IBM Business Consulting.


Or 3 payments of $500 (regular price $4500).
Price will continue to increase during the introductory phase. The cost of the masterclass program is less than two day’s worth of consulting fee revenues, regardless of your billing rate. 

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  • Know exactly who your ideal clients are how to identify them, what problems you are helping them solve, and target them by bringing your whole self to the table

  • Create effective and clear packaging of your services, setup your consulting business, positioning and pricing of your service offerings that allow you to earn more money with every project.

  • Create a repeatable and efficient sales & marketing system that allows you to generate qualified leads, get in front of your ideal clients, and build a real pipeline of business.

  • Have the mechanics to build relationships that elevate you from being a contractor to becoming a trusted strategic advisor to your clients

  • Avoid common pitfalls getting started as a business consultant from learning from my 17+ years of experience as a woman and person of color in the consulting profession.

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  • Understand the mindset of a world-class business consultant and how you could gain confidence to thrive in this business

  • Determine how to sell your expertise as a brand and integrate it into your sales process to generate more leads

  • Gain insights on the building blocks of a world-class brand and learn how you could tailor your approach to create a brand that is authentically you

  • Explore the pros and cons of various branding strategies such as blogging, teaching, podcasting, social media, book writing, public relations, etc. to decide on which tactics are writing for your consulting business

  • Learn how to leverage the power of executive presence and how to create stickiness with your brand

  • Structure a personal brand strategy, learning from my mistakes along the journey

  • Reinvent your brand – regardless of where you are in your journey - like I did to create a credible world-class personal brand as a business consultant.

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"I didn't want the Purpose Driven Consultant School course to end!  Seriously, I have taken many workshops, trainings, classes, but this  felt much more relevant than other things I have participated in. All of the information felt like something I could implement immediately and Christie broke it down in way that was easy to digest. I am new to being a consultant and now I feel equipped to make this leap and set up my business."

Sheena Collier, Founder & CEO, The Collier Connection

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“Christie speaks with confidence and candor. When she shares a new idea with her audience, they leave with more than just the information they need. Christie’s listeners are inspired and ready to make things happen.”

Cheryl Johnson, Chief Strategist

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“Christie’s presentation was to the point, timely, concise, and expertly offered. She has an amazing ability to connect with her audience and stay connected.”

Kathleen Cacouris, Creative Director


“I loved the engaging way she presents and interacts with her audience, which clearly distinguishes her events. Her story and advice motivated me a lot to keep pursuing my dream to become a consultant after graduation.”

Dominik Bucher, Management Consultant

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Ambitious women & diverse professionals wanting to start their own purpose-driven consulting business and profitably grow to a 6-7 figure consulting practice with less than a 10-person team.

Purpose driven consultants that do not want to travel or want to work from anywhere, and free time to spend with your family and friends.

Experienced industry professionals seeking to transition into purpose driven and profitable independent consultants.

Individuals that have built up expertise in an area and is looking to package it into service offerings as a business consultant, regardless of age, educational background, or existing network.

Consultants seeking to leverage a credible brand in order to gain notoriety within an industry, become a thought leader, obtain more clients, or command higher fees as an entrepreneur or as an employee within a corporate management consulting firm.

**This is not for you if you’re not sure if consulting is the right career path for you, are looking for shortcuts or “get rich quick schemes”, and/or you are not willing to put in the work it takes to grow 6 or 7 figure business

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Hi, I’m Christie Lindor, Founder and Chief Mentor Officer of the Purpose Driven Consultant School, where I teach ambitious women and diverse professionals to how launch, grow, and scale profitable consulting businesses doing meaningful work for people they like.

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For the past 10 years, I have mentored 100s of ambitious go-getters in the world of consulting, whether it has been strategy consultants at firms like Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte or it was independent consultants and boutique consulting firm owners. As a management consultant, I have traveled the world, delivering well over 77 engagements for over 27 clients across 19 different industries and sectors on 4 continents. I have helped C-suite executives in Fortune 100 boardrooms and have also helped sole proprietors in the US, Haiti, and South Africa.

I have traveled the world, written books, had speaking engagements across the globe, bought small businesses, owned my own home since the age of 22, sold a business, and everything in between. As a certified online instructor and certified project manager, I have facilitated and lead 100s of workshops teaching more than 1000 participants.

As a first generation American, first generation college graduate, and first-generation corporate professional, I feel so blessed to have accomplished every single life goal and dream that I had by the age of 38. I am now dedicating my time towards helping others accomplish their dreams.

I created the Purpose Driven Consultant School program to continue to scale becoming the mentor I wish I had. I will help create a new generation of purpose driven business consultants that will never feel alone, even if they are the “only” woman or diverse professional in the spaces they play. Through Purpose Driven Consultant School, I hope to create a world where the narrative of the “only” will no longer exist in the consulting profession.




At this time, there is no application process to register for a 4 or 6 week course, however there is a possibility that this rule might change in the future as the program evolves.

Prior to the course, you will receive a high level agenda for each week of the 4 or 6 week program. On Monday of each week, a new module will become available providing specific content, videos, handouts/exercises combined with a live 90 minute group session.

Yes, we offer a 3-part payment option for your convenience. The course must be paid in full prior to the start date of the program.

You will have lifetime access to the course. Check back often because as the program continues to evolve, you will have access to the latest content and updated videos as reference materials.

Once you have completed the program, you will receive an invitation to the Purpose Driven Consultant School Facebook Group. Here you can keep in contact with other course participants and continue networking with like minded individuals. In addition to lifetime access to the course, there will be ongoing discussions, live presentations/Q&A, and other activities in the Facebook group to help you continue on your journey to greatness.